10 Habits That Would Help You Live a Long Healthy Life

Since the past few decades, a rise has been witnessed in the number of centenarians. As the Census Bureau report suggests, the number of people who lived long enough to see their hundredth birthday rose from 32’194 in the 1980s to as much as 53’364 in the year 2010. This provides food for thought, making us wonder what secrets they harbored to live such a long life.

Here are the 10 key habits that these centenarians believed helped them live a happy, healthy and enduring life:

1. Fostering a positive energy

Back in 2012, an Aging Journal study discovered that all of the 243 centenarians who were part of their study were optimistic, upbeat and easygoing. This was the secret to their healthy life. As we hear “Healthy mind, healthy life”. This is not something too surprising as we all know that the pessimistic approach towards life gutters all the positive energy, leading to a fall in the lifespan as a result of the telomeres shortage and sometimes leads to the end capacities of the strands of DNA. You should try to develop a more positive attitude within your life to be happy with a long life and you could be centenarian yourself too.

2. Laugh more often

In addition to being happy, the Aging Journal also found out that all of the 243 centenarians who were part of the study didn’t just have a positive outlook; they also believed that laughing habit that is one of the significant parts of their life. They believe in finding reasons to laugh every day and stop taking life so seriously, as no one ever got out of it alive.

3. Find the distinct purpose of your life.

As Costa Ricans could call it “plan de Vida,” or the purpose of life, they think there are a strong reason and purpose of every human and they have an enormous desire to play their part and contribute to society. The website Blue Zones suggests that people who are living in this Central America’s part have two times more chances of living to as much as 90 years of age than average Americans.

4. Shifting towards the vegan lifestyle.

A research revealed in the JAMA Internal Medicine Journal showed that the vegans have 12% lesser chances of suffering from premature death compared to the people who eat meats. 

Shifting towards the vegan lifestyles would allow you to attain various health benefits that are the explanation for the happiness they have found within, which ultimately becomes the reason for their long and vibrant lifespan.

5. Having a good sleep schedule.

Getting a 7 to 8-hour sleep at night is vital to feel refreshed and make the best of the day. Sleep gives your body the time to produce hormones that are crucially important for growth, mentally and physically. A study in Penn State revealed that men sleeping less than 6 hours every night have four times a rise in their odds of dying within 14 years. You would have to choose sleep over surfing at 2 am if you want to be one of the centenarians on this planet.

6. Tropical Climate is best for you

Without any surprises, Hawaii is amongst the list of happiest countries with the lowest stress levels across the United States. You must note that Hawaii also secures a place amongst the states with the highest level of longevity. The credit goes to its sunny and tropical climate.

7. Exercise regularly.

Carlos Flores Laura is 123 years old and he gives the credit of his long life to the walking habit. A 95-years old yoga instructor, Tao Porchon-Lynch thanks yoga for being the reason for the longevity. No matter which activity you are opting for, you should make sure you’re doing it for yourself. Incorporating the physical activities in your routine would be the easiest way of making it a habit.

8. Be kind to other people

Altruism and selfless is a secret to a longer life. The Study at the University of Michigan suggests that volunteering for the sake of assisting other people and being kind to others is actually amongst the leading causes of increased lifespan.

9. Taking more time for vacations

To ensure a long, healthy and happy life, you must allocate a certain portion of your busy life for vacations. A vacation allows you to get rid of all the stress and lets you gain peace. The Study called “Framington heart” backs up the point.

10. Staying close with the family

The govt. research suggests that Hispanics live around 2.5 years more than average Americans. The credit goes to their closeness with their families. Thus, having a close and healthy relationship with the family is one of the ways to become a centenarian.