25 DIY Projects to make Your Home Cosy for the Winter

Winter has not yet fully arrived, but soon it will be time to prepare for the long cold months. But before you panic and think about all the cold days – check out our long list of DIY projects that will help you get through the season unscathed. Here are 25 of our very popular projects for cosy home decor.


1. DIY Lavender-Rosemary scented candle

There’s nothing more cozy than a beautiful handmade candle… except perhaps one that is scented with soothing lavender and rosemary. These lovely candles are placed in small masonry jars and tied with rosemary twigs, making them pretty enough to give as gifts. Go to Live Simply and see the full photo instructions.

2. add String Lights

Here’s an easy way to bring heat to any room… Hanging lights! Hang them loosely over your bed around the mantelpiece as shown above, or you can even zigzag them across the ceiling of your home office. Go to The Design Chaser and see this and many other warm, cosy rooms.

3. DIY flannel throw

Another trendy pattern this year is the plaid, which offers a healthy dose of coziness and a touch of nostalgia. And this special plaid has red and black flannel on one side, with warm grey fleece on the back, so you’ll never get chilly. Go to Let’s Go Sunning and find out how you can make such a blanket yourself.

4. cloudy carpets

These cloud-shaped carpets are incredibly charming with their rounded edges and fluffy grey color. The fabric is fake sheepskin, so your toes will stay safely warm even on the coldest winter evenings. Head over to Lifeflix to find out how to make one. Spoiler Alarm: It’s incredibly easy!

5. DIY veneer lampshade

Lighting is an easy way to brighten up any room (literally and figuratively), especially if you use warm materials like the honey-colored veneer in the picture above. Find out how to redesign an existing lampshade using this simple tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens. It’s easier than it looks!

6. Furry stool IKEA hack

I think that faux fur has something so luxurious… if you feel the same way, then these furry IKEA stools might be just the thing. All you need is an IKEA Marius stool, spray paint and of course some faux fur. Go over to The Kitchy Kitchen and learn how to chop Marius into this beautiful piece.

7. hot plate filled with rice

These heating pads are so versatile – use them to heal pain, or just to warm yourself up while you’re lying on the couch. They can be adjusted to your desired size, and you can also use any combination of colors. But be sure to use a soft fabric! For complete photo instructions, please see Fellow Fellow.

8. colorful pom-pom carpet

This colorful pompom rug feels so cheerful and inviting. and it’s actually much less time-consuming than you might imagine. You don’t have to string thousands of pompoms together. Go over to the conversation pieces to figure out how to make one. You can use the same technique to make almost any type of carpet!

9. String Light Canopy Bed

This lightweight canopy bed with string is quite easy to build with the right materials. You need a few strings of white light and a few meters of white tulle. Fasten the upper part of the tulle over the headboard, then the lights, then the next part and go down to the floor. Found at Jakfruit.

10. faux fur throw pillow

This cozy looking fake fur throw pillow is kitten friendly, so it must be good! You will need a cushion insert and some super soft faux fur from the fabric shop. Go to Transient Expression to find out how to make such a cushion for your home. The texture will certainly add some extra pizzazz to your living room!

11. DIY Pine cone firelighter

If you have a fireplace, make yourself some of these beautiful pine cone firelighters to make it easy. And they’re scented so that your fireplace will smell even better than normal. Go to Something Turquoise to find out how to make them. They are also perfect as housewarming or Christmas presents!

12. keep out cold air

Prevent cold drafts from blowing in under your doors with this beautiful do-it-yourself sealing ring. Just buy a black and white fabric (or print your own if you’re feeling ambitious) and follow the instructions on the Fall For DIY website. Additional bonus: It could help to reduce your heating costs!

13. simple candle Cuddly

Make your candles even more beautiful with this simple DIY candle! And the best part? No knitting skills are required. All you need is a candle in a glass jar and an old sweater that you no longer wear. Go to Sweet Paul Magazine to find out how to make your own candle cosy.

14. Winter Simmer Pot

Let your home smell the aromas of winter. Cinnamon, orange, apple and cloves are all combined to create the most heavenly fragrance that will make you feel warm even on the coldest nights. Head over to How Sweet It Is to find out how to make this delicious blend to cook over your oven.

15. bath mat throw pillow

Introducing texture into your interior is an easy way to make your room more welcoming and comfortable, and this cushion will certainly serve the purpose. Just grab a bath mat and get to work. Brilliant! Centsational Girl shows you how to do it. Who would have thought that you could turn a bath mat into a cool pillow?

16. do-it-yourself headboard with tufts

Make your bedroom even more comfortable by attaching a tufted headboard to your bed. Upholstery projects can be intimidating, but this project is made easier by blogger Sarah Dorsey, who follows the instructions in clear steps. And the nail head detail makes it look super high quality. Check out the instructions here.

17. simple knitted blanket

This grey and pink knitted blanket with blockades will certainly make a lot of use and keep you warm even on the coldest nights. Do it with the simple instructions from Big Box Detox. Bonus – you will stay warm and cuddly even while knitting… the further you get, the more the blanket will cover your lap. That’s motivation!

18. add mood lighting

Okay, so this mood lighting idea doesn’t actually have any instructions… but it seems simple enough to tinker with. Just take a long branch, hang it from the ceiling and wrap some lamp wires around it. You can find it on the beautiful Gold wire blog along with many other bohemian loft decoration ideas.

19. orange peel fire Starters

Here’s an even simpler idea for making a fire… dried orange peel! See some tips and tricks for making your own orange peel firelighter, along with many other great ways to use oranges in your home. And these will make your whole house smell deliciously citrusy!

20. Hawaiian style floor cushion

Why not bring a little Hawaiian charm to your home in the depths of winter? Channel your inner island goddess by creating a set of these colorful floor cushions… they’ll make a cozy place to sit for a project or as an extra seat when friends drop by. Full sewing instructions are available from Purl Soho.

21. wine bottle candle

When you’ve drunk all the red wine (which I’m sure will keep you warm), pick up the bottles so you can make some of these beautiful wine bottle candles that will cast a warm, cozy glow over your living room. Or your bedroom. Or any other room! Visit the Cambria blog to find out how to make one of these beauties.

22. Crochet T-shirt yarn Rug

Create a soft, colorful carpet to keep your toes warm all winter long – with T-shirt yarn! It’s a simple pattern you can follow, and it’s sure to be a conversation starter when your friends come to visit. Go to My World of Wool to find out how to make one of these fabulous crocheted rugs.

23. Fabric Pouf Tutorial

Give your feet a new place to hang out by creating one of these playful fabric puffs! When not in use, this is a great place to store a tray with a candle and a book or magazine. Visit the HGTV’s website to find out how to make one of these surprisingly simple poufs for your home.

24. cable knit sweater pillow

For this project you do not need to learn advanced knitting skills… All you need are some old cable-knit sweaters. There is nothing better than cuddling with a soft sweater under your head! Check out the instructions in Create Craft Love. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they can be made.

25. Do-it-yourself Mantel

A good old-fashioned mantelpiece has something that just feels cosy and warm, whether it has a fire or not. And make it nice, the way she made it here… You might even consider putting candles inside instead of logs and twigs. Full instructions are available from Blue Roof Cabin.