7 Personal Life Matters to Keep to Yourself

To have a skill to keep personal as well as professional life in their own spaces and not merge them is a blessing in disguise. Many people knowing about your life can be a problem especially when not everyone has your best interest at heart. Some matters of your personal life, if others know off, can be used to exploit you. The urge to let everyone in on your success and get sympathy on your failures is strong, however, one must keep in mind that certain information if is of no use telling others than must not be shared. Not all information shared is giving you benefits especially those listed below, therefore must not be shared

  1. Past Grievances: Sharing past grudges and mistakes to people, who might not even want to hear you out, can be a problem, especially if even one of them decides to exploit you for it. You did something wrong in the past, it does not matter because you grew out of it. Besides, let people know of the positives of your life, this would create a deeper bond as usually, you connect with optimistic people. Do not rant about what happened, as you would be seen as a negative persona, whom no one would be comfortable socializing with.
  2. Material Possessions: Be modest among your colleagues and peers. Not everyone has had the luxury that you might. Moreover, you boasting about your new car or your luxury vacations might make you appear as a materialistic person. Enjoy your life however you want. Find happiness within yourself without the desire to boast among others, or else you will be seen as an egotist or an exhibitionist.
  3. Aspirations: Ok this is not just advice but it is science. The lesser the people know about your goals the more likely you will achieve them. Although once you have achieved them, your success will tell the world your story itself.
  4. Financial Worth: Like your material belongings, nobody needs to know about your income. Because not everyone is, privileged enough to be happy for you or not be jealous of you. It can disrupt your relationships in office irrevocably and you might come out as a show-off in many people’s eyes.
  5. Generosity: Good deeds remain impersonal until they are bragged about. After that, it becomes just a selfish desire to be appreciated and accepted by the people. If you assist someone in any way, make sure everyone is oblivious about it. Be an unsung hero or the desire to be acknowledged can make you seem as egocentric.
  6. Wisdom: Wisdom is something benefiting, but not appreciated by all. Besides, the very idea of wisdom and insight becomes void when you think that you are better than others are and are always imposing your knowledge and ideas on them. Everyone has his or her happiness curve. You might be on the peak of satisfaction after undergoing some procedures, however, not everyone is where you are at your happiness curve. Know that you need to give people space so that they too can find their happiness from within. It is not necessary that whatever journey you went through would be the same for all hence, you imposing your methods may make you seem as a self-assertive even though all you want is the best for your peers. Just know that everyone learns from their own life and pace and your “preaching” would not be listened to rather be ignored.
  7. Family Problems: Your family problems should remain in your family. No one in your social circle cares about what your relative had to face the other day. When your family trusts you, and share some issue with you, you respect their trust and privacy and keep that to only. You need to maintain the trust the way you would want your trust to be maintained.

We assume people are interested in our lives and we are the center of attention for everybody. However, that is not true. Think of how u would not be interested to know about the details of someone’s personal life. Similarly, they are not interested to hear the juicy gossips in your personal life. Keep your world to yourself or else you will be famous for all the wrong reasons. Your social circle might not want to socialize with you at all if you act like an egotist and self-centered. Learn to live a long and meaningful life without the need to share it with everyone. Distinguish your close friends from your colleagues and acquaintances and know that only these people should be told about your problems, if necessary.

“The secret of having a personal life is not answering too many questions about it.” – Joan Collins