8 Ways Of Supporting Your Loved Ones Suffering From Depression in a Compassionate Method

It’s an utter misery for someone to go through depression. The worthlessness combined with the sadness, anxiety, hopelessness, loss of interest, physical aches including cramps and headaches, as well as the aching feeling of emptiness constantly reminds the person of his/her suffering.

You might relate to some of these feelings and you must know someone who is suffering from clinical depression. You need to understand that your constant support is crucially important you’re your loved ones. You’ll have to be there for them!

8 ways in which you can support your loved some suffering from depression compassionately are as follows:

#1: Awareness about depression

This is one of the most vital stages. This is where you learn more about the changes that occur in the minds and bodies of people experiencing DSM depression.

For instance, most people aren’t aware that there are 9 major types. These types have various clinical depression symptoms that differ from one another and require distinct treatments.

With more awareness, you would be in a better position to help and less likely to judge, criticize or offend the sufferer.

#2: Being there for them

Your loved ones might feel tired and wouldn’t know what’s best for them. This calls for the need to be there for them. It’s crucial not to take their mood swings personally since it’s the consequence of their suffering.

Letting them feel that they are not alone in all this is what’s important. Avoid giving too much advice or the tough love idea.

#3: Make them recall the good things in life

Instead of telling them how they are supposed to feel i.e. positive, grateful, etc. tell them the good things about life. Make them feel loved and help them realize that they do matter for you and how their existence is a blessing for you.

#4: Don’t Judge!

One of the significant and worth-considering factors to understand is that people suffering from DSM 5 depression are struggling already; your judgments would only worsen the situation, which can even make them want to isolate themselves.

You should know that judging someone for something they can’t change is pointless. Considering depression a personality flaw is simply shallow; because it is, in fact, a medically proven disorder.

#5: Don’t blame yourself

Depression is nothing short of a battle. It is one of those battles that require your continuous effort and sweat. You’ll have to get used to the helplessness and perplexing. Never forget that you can only support the troops and equip them, but in the end, they are the ones to fight.

It is often really difficult to make peace with the fact that there’s only a limited help you can provide for your loved ones. Remember, you can only encourage them and support them with unconditional love and suggest them the best antidepressants but you can’t heal them, this is for the depression clinics to do.

#6: Take care of yourself as well

Supporting your loved ones is as much of a battle as suffering from it. The stress, hopelessness mixed with the feeling of being inadequate drains all your energy.

While you’re supporting them with love and positive energy, make sure that your needs are also being met. Remember to have good nutrition, ample sleep, and time for yourself.

#7: Encourage them towards treatment

Most of the people suffering from clinical depression aren’t even aware of that. Seeking any form of treatment is a step way ahead of diagnosing the issue. Some people feel ashamed to accept and admit that they are struggling, all thanks to the messed-up norms of the society; while others believe it could be overcome with willpower and faith.

Knowing the issue, you should encourage people to accept it as a seasonal disorder and support them in getting the appropriate treatment. Without formal treatment, it is almost impossible for anyone to heal.

#8: Educating them about it

To educate them, you can discuss the symptoms that you have noticed and explain how you’re always up to listen and talk to them. You have to help them understand depression as a medical condition that is a result of the chemical imbalance within the brain.

Let them know that it is not remotely related to being mentally weak and it could only heal with suitable treatment. You should guide them with various options like counseling and medical specialists.

To conclude, Depression is a prevailing medical issue that needs treatment in the earliest stages. In case your loved ones oppose the treatment, you should ask the doctor for advice. Being empathetic with support allows you to help them get through a difficult time. That’s your chance to become an actual superhero and save a life.