Why is Coca-Cola Unsafe For You and What are Alternate Uses For The Drink?

Around ninety-six percent of the people across the world consider Coca-cola as one of the most prominent brands. While the brand is amongst the most talked-about ones in the whole world, the product itself is often linked to all sorts of medical issues and negative effects like cardiac arrests, strokes, asthma, diabetes, along with chronic pulmonary disease amongst others.

According to the research by the CDC, as much as half of the people in the United States drink coke every single day, amongst this 50 % of the population, most of the people are either teens or young kids.

In every single can of Coca-cola, there are almost 10 spoons of sugar added. While the WHO clearly states that consumption of more than 6 teaspoons of sugar every day is unhealthy, even a single can of Coca-cola exceeds the recommended number. Due to this, it should not come as a surprise that this drink is linked with numerous health diseases, some of which have been mentioned above. The Harvard school of public health showed that people who are consuming 1 to 2 cans every day have 26 percent more chances of developing type-2 diabetes. The consumption of these harmful and unhealthy drinks leads to the deaths of as much as 184 thousand people every single year across the world.

While almost every single person in this world is aware of the Coca-Cola brand, many aren’t aware of the various uses of coke. Let it be removing the grease stains from your clothes to pulling the chewing gum out of your hair, coke is the ultimate solution for all of these problems. There are several uses of Coca Cola, and the following are a list of useful ways in which Coke could be used, some of these also serve as the proof that this beverage most certainly doesn’t belong in our bodies:

1) Coke can be used as an effective toilet cleaner. 

You can simply pour a small quantity of the beverage in the toiler and let it settle for around an hour. After doing so, you can use a brush or a piece of cloth for brushing it off—your toiler would be unbelievably clean.

2) It helps in removing the stains of grease from your fabric or clothing 

Coca-Cola allows you to remove your greasy and tough strains effortlessly from your clothes or fabrics. To get the best results, you can simply mix detergent with the coke while washing the clothes.

3) It acts as a rust-removing substance. 

To remove the rust from any surface, you have to start by dipping a piece of fabric in Coca-cola; it could be a sponge or any fabric at all. You can use that to scrub the surface with the fabric and it would help you to remove the rust. In addition to this, it also allows you to loosen the bolts that are rusty by simply pouring some of the coke on them.

4) Coke can be used to clean your windows

Just like most of the chemical cleaners, Coca-cola also contains citric acid which allows you to clean your windows properly without much effort.

5) It helps in killing the bugs

The sweet and savory flavor of this drink acts as a magnet for all sorts of bugs including the ants and cockroaches. This initially attracts the bugs and when they come in contact with it, it kills them. The acidic content in the beverage is what kills the snails and slugs. It also attracts the bees and wasps, keeping them away from you if you are performing some outdoor activity.

6) It helps to remove the chewing gum stuck in your hair

There no need to panic if you have got gum stuck in your hair. You can simply pour some of the coke on the hair and let it settle for a while. The gum would eventually lose its stickiness and fall off.

7) Coke can also help you with your dyed hair

In case you have dyed your hair and it turned out to be darker than you expected. You can easily use this to help you with fading the color of your hair. This would save you time as well as the cost of visiting a beauty salon.

8) It can also be used to clean the battery terminals to establish a better connection

You can just pour some coke on the battery terminals and effortlessly see the corrosion melt away. This would result in a better connection.

9) Helps in removing the marker stains from the carpets

Applying some coke to the portion of carpet affected by stain and scrubbing it with a scrub aids in removing the market stains. You can use a soapy solution afterward for the best results.